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Entertainment, this is not an easy choice. There are so many parts of the wedding day that require entertainment and it is difficult to know where to start! From the ceremony music, to reception, through dinner to the evening party. Josh and I were Entertainment hunting for a few months...It took us a while and we did our homework and figuring out what type of entertainment we would like for our big day.

Choosing your wedding singers is definitely something you can get your groom involved in. After all the groom tends to see the wedding as a big expensive party so letting him have a say in this aspect will keep him interested in the planning process.

When asking Josh what he wanted for our entertainment he answered “a frikin’ awesome band that can play any kind of music and it has to be live!” So off I went to find us something spectacular that could cater to every part of our day.

Photo By John Nassari

Live band hunting was one of the most fun aspects of my wedding planning so far! We enquired into prices of bands that I knew of as well as options from my parents as they too wanted input into some music they would like.

As a planner the first things that I considered when looking at a band was the size and the cost.

Remember ladies and gents, a 5 or 6 piece may also come with a sound & lighting engineer who ensures that through out the night, all the equipment and lighting are running smoothly. They may also provide a band manager to coordinate on the day who ensures that the band is running on time and schedules the first dance song, cake cutting song and any other important moments that the band may need to know of. If you are planning on feeding your suppliers make sure that you have the budget to accommodate the extra people.

My next tip would be to outline your personal music preference, and not just your own but your guests as well. For example Josh and I love our old school R&B and hip-hop. My mum and my uncle’s love a bit of reggae and our friends mix between old school and current music. So we needed a band that could play a variety.

What was the fun aspect? Going to live gigs! Josh and I were invited to go and see the bands in action, get a feel for what they did and how they worked the crowd. And that was when we came across Sensation Band.

On my twitter page I got a shout out from Sensation Band letting me know they were doing a sneak peak practise set for a wedding. This was based in a sound studio in central London where they had champagne and nibbles.

As we walked in they were just starting, at this point we had already seen a couple of other bands live and thought we may have decided, but my gut told me to hold off and wait.

Now Ladies...that women’s intuition comes in handy when wedding planning, if you feel you need to wait to speak to someone new, then wait. For me it was so worth it and my gut did not let me down!

The moment Sensation Bandopened their mouths Josh and I were on our feet dancing!

In that moment he turned to me and said these guys are 'IT!'. Words cannot describe their brilliance!

Video & Photo Credit to Sensation Band:

London, UK 

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