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Last Minute Wedding

You are engaged! Congratulations! JHay | Creative has been know to create last minute and detailed weddings for you wonderful couples that want something intimate, unique and not dragged out for over a year.

Last minuet weddings are fun, but be careful, they are not less stressful than planning a wedding over a year. I planned a wedding within three months and my couple was over the moon and said it was everything they wanted for their special day.

If you are considering having a wedding but want something planned quickly, do give us a call or drop us an email as we can help you arrange everything you need.

Here are the top 3 important tips that you must consider when looking into a last minute wedding.

1. Venue |

Venues get booked very quickly, some will have been booked on weekends well in advance so keep in mind that you may not get your dream venue, but there are always incredible alternatives that have everything you want.

A good key point to consider is, if you are set on a special venue, choose a date that is not in wedding season. (Wedding season is June - September) You are more likely to get available dates outside of these months.

2. Registrar |

Registrars, dependant on the borough you are getting married in, they can also be completely booked out. Before confirming your venue, try to make sure that your Registrar has a time available on your date.

Photo: John Nassari

3. Notification of Marriage |

You must notify your marriage a minimum of 28 days, this should give you a good idea of the minimum amount of time required to plan a wedding.

For all your other plans, give us a call! We will arrange, design and coordinate your dream by utalising my incredible book of suppliers. If you are unsure of venues, we also offer venue finding in our planning packages.

London, UK 

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